People are paying too much for their jug filters. We hate the taste of tap water just as much as the next guy, that's why we always use filters. But why do we have to pay $10 bucks for a replacement filter when it only costs a few bucks to make? Because there has never been an alternative.

Don't get us started on all the unnecessary gizmos on your jug. There are a bunch of companies trying to sell you pitchers for 50 bucks with Intel core processors that remind you to change the filter, and guess what, you still always forget to change your filter.

Carbon Filters

We partnered with a kick ass manufacturer to produce high quality activated carbon filters that are third party tested to the same standards as all the other guys.

At Filter Savings Club we don't have 15 levels of management, produce million dollar commercials, or pay top dollar for the top shelf at your local store. We sell directly to you, the consumer, and give you most of the savings (we gotta make a dolla too).

And guess who will never have to remember to buy a filter again? You! We send you replacement filters in the mail every time you need one. That just happened.

Start Filtering

Get on the gravy train and start saving time and money today. Stop giving all you money to a faceless European Multinational, give a little bit to these two guys, and use the rest of the money we save you to help charity: water build clean water projects for those who need it most.

Dan MacDonald
Dan "Mr. President" MacDonald

33 but looks like he is 21 and still gets carded. Dan has a degree in Finance and a minor in Saving People Money from McGill University. Dan pretends to play competitive soccer twice a week and came in third place in his Fantasy Football League this year thanks to Demaryius Thomas only gaining 13 yards off 9 targets. what a joke!

Dan spends his days busting his ass so that more people can start keeping more money in their pockets for the things that matter most.

Ivan Medunic
Ivan "The Terrible" Medunic

He can dunk. That should basically make him as legit as they get but we'll add a bit of fluff. Ivan recently got engaged, after 8 years of "practice", to a lovely woman named Mel who was able to look past his
brains and rugged good looks.

With a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto that he never uses, Ivan takes care of the day to day like, unlocking the front door to building our entire CRM from scratch.